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Get Healthy—Or Else

The debate on healthy employees and cheaper insurance is a great topic.   It is a great debate in today’s business world.  When I look at the situation it seems simple to me; if you cannot follow what the company wants to hire than you can get a job elsewhere.  I am having a hard time understanding where people think that companies “owe” them.  It seems to me that the common thought with everything, now a days, is that everyone thinks someone “owes” them something.  This is not fair to businesses. I think the underlying problem is that people are lazy and want to get paid more for doing less.  And everyone wants to stick their hand in someone else’s pocket.  As a business leader these healthy programs are economically a great strategy and I hate the fact that everything in business has to be done very carefully for fear of being sued.  In my opinion if you want to work for a company you should have to do what the company wants and if you don’t like it get a job elsewhere.

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Southwest Airlines: Using Human Resources for Competitive Advantage (A)

Southwest.  When I just hear the word I immediately relate it to great customer service and happy employees.  I also relate that word with reliable and a great deal.  This kind of reaction is exactly what a company is always, or should always be, striving to receive.  I think the numbers alone will speak for themselves when Southwest is examined.  They came in and dominated right away.  Why is this?  This is because of their constant commitment to their customers.  This company is a clear and great example of a company that has its customer in its mind as its first priority.  These kind of business practices always and will always lead to a great business.

There is a lot that can be learned from southwest; too much to be discussed here.  One point that I would like to point out is that their training is a very important process for them.  They realize that without their employees the company would be non-existent.  They are constantly going through a rigorous training and the employee is the direct recipient of this.  The employees are satisfied with the service that they are provided and in turn the company keeps their business.  The employees take pride in their job and this affects the company directly.  That is just one example of the many things that southwest is doing that all companies can learn from.

Two Football Coaches Have a Lot to Teach

All leaders not matter what kind of leader they are, can most definitely learn from reading this article and by following these coaches approach.  This is one of the biggest things in leadership and in communicating in general that I try to live by the most.  I think there is never a reason to yell or belittle someone, no matter what they have done.  It has always been my opinion that things can and should always be resolved without yelling.  I also believe that no one likes to be yelled at and they have a high tendency to block you out if you are yelling.  Another point that was made is that the coaches put their family before everything else.  This is amazing and I wish everyone could have this outlook.  It seems to me that more and more people are pushing their family aside and for no reason.  All people whether a leader or not can learn something from reading this article.

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Jesica’s Story One mistake didn’t kill her—the organ donor system was fatally flawed

After reading this article I can’t help but realize that a lot of things always get blown way out of proportion because of media attention.  After reading a headline like this, it makes the reader go into the article thinking that the system has been killing people; and depending on how its read it can almost be construed that they have been killing and not even caring.  This is most definitely not the case.  I can’t help myself from getting a little irritated at this situation, with the information that was given me through this article.  Don’t get me wrong, the system had its flaws for sure and the doctor messed up, but we are people and people make mistakes.  The idea is to learn from these mistakes and not make them again.

The thing that irritates me is that I cannot get over the fact that illegal immigrants came to this country and received FREE medical attention, while middle class Americans who pay their taxes and live here and can barely afford basic medical attention let alone two transplants.  It also irritates me that just because of this situation that Duke has now created a special fund just for Latino children.  As a white, working, taxpaying citizen I feel like, especially in today’s age, that I am very under privileged.  This is just another story where, in my opinion, America needs to step up and do something about its illegal’s.  Let’s face it if there weren’t illegal’s this would not have happened to this particular person.

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Ready for this Weekend!!

I don’t think we could be more ready for this weekend.  The car was ran on the DYNO on monday and we found about 20-30 more HP just by tuning the motor!! 🙂 The car is in the trailer and we are packed and ready to go.  Can’t wait to go racing, its been way to long!!

Rules of Engagement

Once again another article on the relationship between a happy employee and the customer; it goes to show that it directly affects the company.  I could not agree more with this article in that a happy workplace is a productive workplace.  I especially liked the idea Xerox had in allowing the employees to assign their own hours and in turn the productivity went through the roof and the overall atmosphere was ten times better for the customer.  If a company can find a way to make their employees happier this will have a great return to the company because, let’s face it, without our employees where would the company be.

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United Pilot takes pride in his job!!

Wow what a concept, haha.  It seems these days it is very hard to find anyone who takes pride in his or her job.  After I read this article it put a smile on my face to know that some people in this world take their job seriously and give it their all.  Anyone who goes above and beyond the simple protocol of their job, like this particular UA pilot, probably has very few problems and worries in life.  It is amazing how a person’s attitude at work carries outward; for all we know he could be the reason someone is still flying with UA as opposed to a competitor.  It is employees like him that businesses would kill for.  Employees like these reflect directly on the company they work for and the company directly receives the benefits.  So why not be this employee for your company and soon you will be irreplaceable to your company.  Hey you might even feel good about yourself and it may just put a smile on your face; it can’t hurt!

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Another disappointment

Well last weekend was a double header and the car was completely ready to go except for one minor detail 😦 The motor didn’t get finished in time.  We stayed up all night on thursday night working and working on the motor but we just kept running into major problems.  The first problem that was a major setback was there was a crack in the oil pan; this was not unfixable so we decided to weld it up and make it work.  Then the big problem hit us.  The rockers were hitting the valve spring retainers and we needed longer push rods in order to fix the problem.  So needless to say at midnight this kind of part is very hard to come by, so we called it and decided we wouldn’t be able to make it 😦

On the bright side we now have the motor in the car and the car is completely ready to go for the next race and were even going to be able to run the car on the Dyno and see where the power curve is.  This is a major advantage to us! It will allow us to fine tune the motor and put it where it needs to run 🙂 Looking forward to next race and were going to bring home a first place 🙂

Can Personality Be Changed?

“Can personality be changed?”  The answer is simple; of course it can!  I think a question like this is simply answered by example.  Look at the stereotypical drug or alcohol addict.  When the person figures out how to stop whatever it is that their doing, there entire attitude on life, in most cases, dramatically changes.  Most of them are so excited that all they want to do is tell and teach everyone how wonderful it is to have quit.  Most of them say they have been given a second chance on life and they have a completely different outlook on life.  As stated in the article there were many tests conducted that show that the test subject’s personality did indeed change.  I personally like the infant test; it showed that the thought process and expectancies of relationships were significantly different.  I very strongly believe that the human is capable of achieving anything that they set their mind to.  Taking this belief and applying it to changing one’s personality, I believe that it is a very achievable task.  The right method just has to be applied and that particular method is different for every person.

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Work Matters

I could not agree more with what Bob Sutton stated.  I have personally seen people who are “dumb” succeed greatly academically.  More importantly than I.Q. or academic skills I believe you can apply this thought of what I call “Self-Motivation” to anything in life.  Instead of telling yourself that you cannot do something just do it.  I guarantee most of the time you will surprise yourself.  Even if the results you receive, in whatever it is you are doing, are not up to par or what you expected you still can say you did it.  I also would say that if they are done with an open mind you will most definitely learn something.  In turn you will be improving yourself and by whatever standard you are measuring yourself against you will improve.  Anyone can do ANYTHING that they set their mind to!

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