Wall Street Journal Article on How to Get Hired

“How to Get Hired”  That seems to be the ever growing question in economic times like today.  Another question that goes side by side with “How to Get Hired” is what do the recruiters really want and do the students with M.B.A.’s have it?  These questions were very prominently addressed in the article by Ronald Alsop.  He basically boiled it all down to one similar problem that needs to be addressed, and that is the schooling.  I could not agree more!  Having just received my BA in Mechanical Engineering i could not agree more with the statement that “You can’t just know the right answer,” Mr. Christensen says.  “You also must have the tool set to persuade those who do not have your same perspective or level of education.”  In my own personal experience with schooling I have learned that they can teach you all the theory and you can be able to crunch all the numbers but if you do not know how to apply them or how to communicate your ideas what good is it?  Its not always about the correct answer but the process you used to achieve that answer.

Even though some schools are addressing many of the communication problems and problems between connecting the real world with the school world I personally cannot stress enough the importance to connect the two.

To view article visit:

http://www.business.unr.edu/faculty/simmonsb/badm720/notes720.html and click on Wall Strett Journal Article on How to Get Hired


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