Another disappointment

Well last weekend was a double header and the car was completely ready to go except for one minor detail 😦 The motor didn’t get finished in time.  We stayed up all night on thursday night working and working on the motor but we just kept running into major problems.  The first problem that was a major setback was there was a crack in the oil pan; this was not unfixable so we decided to weld it up and make it work.  Then the big problem hit us.  The rockers were hitting the valve spring retainers and we needed longer push rods in order to fix the problem.  So needless to say at midnight this kind of part is very hard to come by, so we called it and decided we wouldn’t be able to make it 😦

On the bright side we now have the motor in the car and the car is completely ready to go for the next race and were even going to be able to run the car on the Dyno and see where the power curve is.  This is a major advantage to us! It will allow us to fine tune the motor and put it where it needs to run 🙂 Looking forward to next race and were going to bring home a first place 🙂


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