Can Personality Be Changed?

“Can personality be changed?”  The answer is simple; of course it can!  I think a question like this is simply answered by example.  Look at the stereotypical drug or alcohol addict.  When the person figures out how to stop whatever it is that their doing, there entire attitude on life, in most cases, dramatically changes.  Most of them are so excited that all they want to do is tell and teach everyone how wonderful it is to have quit.  Most of them say they have been given a second chance on life and they have a completely different outlook on life.  As stated in the article there were many tests conducted that show that the test subject’s personality did indeed change.  I personally like the infant test; it showed that the thought process and expectancies of relationships were significantly different.  I very strongly believe that the human is capable of achieving anything that they set their mind to.  Taking this belief and applying it to changing one’s personality, I believe that it is a very achievable task.  The right method just has to be applied and that particular method is different for every person.

To view article visit: and click on Dweck’s article


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