United Pilot takes pride in his job!!

Wow what a concept, haha.  It seems these days it is very hard to find anyone who takes pride in his or her job.  After I read this article it put a smile on my face to know that some people in this world take their job seriously and give it their all.  Anyone who goes above and beyond the simple protocol of their job, like this particular UA pilot, probably has very few problems and worries in life.  It is amazing how a person’s attitude at work carries outward; for all we know he could be the reason someone is still flying with UA as opposed to a competitor.  It is employees like him that businesses would kill for.  Employees like these reflect directly on the company they work for and the company directly receives the benefits.  So why not be this employee for your company and soon you will be irreplaceable to your company.  Hey you might even feel good about yourself and it may just put a smile on your face; it can’t hurt!

To view article visit:

http://www.business.unr.edu/faculty/simmonsb/badm720/notes720.html and click on Wall Street Journal Article UA pilot


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