Get Healthy—Or Else

The debate on healthy employees and cheaper insurance is a great topic.   It is a great debate in today’s business world.  When I look at the situation it seems simple to me; if you cannot follow what the company wants to hire than you can get a job elsewhere.  I am having a hard time understanding where people think that companies “owe” them.  It seems to me that the common thought with everything, now a days, is that everyone thinks someone “owes” them something.  This is not fair to businesses. I think the underlying problem is that people are lazy and want to get paid more for doing less.  And everyone wants to stick their hand in someone else’s pocket.  As a business leader these healthy programs are economically a great strategy and I hate the fact that everything in business has to be done very carefully for fear of being sued.  In my opinion if you want to work for a company you should have to do what the company wants and if you don’t like it get a job elsewhere.

To view article visit:
and click on Wall Street Journal Article: Get Healthy: Or Else


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