Two Football Coaches Have a Lot to Teach

All leaders not matter what kind of leader they are, can most definitely learn from reading this article and by following these coaches approach.  This is one of the biggest things in leadership and in communicating in general that I try to live by the most.  I think there is never a reason to yell or belittle someone, no matter what they have done.  It has always been my opinion that things can and should always be resolved without yelling.  I also believe that no one likes to be yelled at and they have a high tendency to block you out if you are yelling.  Another point that was made is that the coaches put their family before everything else.  This is amazing and I wish everyone could have this outlook.  It seems to me that more and more people are pushing their family aside and for no reason.  All people whether a leader or not can learn something from reading this article.

To view article visit:
and click on Wall Street Journal Article: Two Footbal Coaches Have a Lot to Teach Screaming Managers


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