Get Rid of the Performance Review!

I totally agree with this article in that the performance review is a joke.  All they serve as is basically one big threat to the employee and it puts a major boundary between the manager and employee relationship.  During the reviews the two people “Talk past each other” because both of them are doing the review for different outcomes.  The employee just wants a raise or not to be fired and the manager is trying to use it to figure out how to improve.  The article also makes another great point in that one performance review cannot fit all the jobs.  Each job is unique and, in my opinion, needs to be reviewed and the person needs to be assessed against that particular jobs standards.

The boss typically doesn’t understand the employee and or the review so the review doesn’t help in getting proper feedback.  The review makes people worried to tell their boss if they have problems because of fear of a poor review and ultimately loss in job.  This creates a work environment that doesn’t promote growth and or improvement.  This completely takes away teamwork because of this tainted relationship between the boss and the employee.

The best thing to do is just get rid of it.  The boss and the employee need to both be made responsible for things going wrong and right.  This will promote teamwork and ultimately lead to a better, more productive, work environment.  Instead of building a “case” against an employee, like the review does, workers need to talk about issues and resolve them before there is a case.  Each company is different and has different needs but all in all I think that the performance review in any case puts a barrier up between the boss and employee and it is holding certain company’s back.

To view article visit: and click on Article: Get Rid of Performance Review


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