Nordstrom: Dissension in the Ranks?

This is a very simple case in my opinion.  It is very apparent that there is flaws in there system of paying, but what business doesn’t have its flaws.  The system encourages an environment that is very customer oriented.  On top of that the sales clerks make substantially more than its rivals.  The flaw with this system is that it doesn’t promote the employee’s to work together.  This needs to be addressed in my opinion, but the system seems to be working for many employees.  Yes there is employees who do not think they are getting what they deserve, but what company doesn’t have these problems.  In my opinion it is a good system for some people and not for others.  If the person working there doesn’t like it he or she can quit.  I don’t understand where people get the idea in their head that the store owes them.  If you don’t like your job and how you are getting paid then why did you agree to work for them in the first place.  This seems to happen a lot in companies, the employee gets hired and agrees to the pay then shortly after that they complain about what they agreed to.  This is purely a problem with the employee and I lay the blame completely on him/her.


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