SAS Institute

This company has what it takes to be a great company.  There is no reason this company should ever go under if it keeps its current state of mind.  In this company, it is so customer oriented, the customer is basically designing their own software.  The company works so closely with its customers that there is no reason for the customer to ever change.  In my opinion there is no better way to get customer satisfaction than by having them basically make the decisions on the product they are purchasing.  The company also doesn’t care about short term goals which can plague a company.  They, in contrast, will do anything for higher market penetration even sometimes sacrificing the short term goals.  The truly take care of their employees, which is one of the smartest business decisions that can be made.  They realize that if they take care of their employees that the employees will take care of the company.  It is very interesting to note that the sales people aren’t paid by commission, yet they still are out there selling.  This all goes back to the basics of the company taking care of its employees.  The employees are happy, hence they will do the work necessary for the company to succeed.  Goodnight is a very reasonable person and love to mix with the employees and this creates a very open environment for the employees.  In conclusion this is a model company that many companies strive to function like but never truly reach this level.  If I started a company I would try to model my company in a manner very similar to this in order to create a lasting company.


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