Strategies of Effective New Product Team Leaders

In order to find great team leaders is a hard task, but definitely one that needs to be done in every organization.  In corporations there is always a need for teams and with teams comes the need for leaders.  The leader is not the person making the decisions, or at least shouldn’t be the one making the major decisions; they are the ones who pave the way for the proper decisions to be made.

For instance, when departments do not share information and are closed to other departments is slows new product development.  It forces departments to think in the micro and not in the macro which is in the company’s best interest.  A good leader can break this barrier between departments and encourage teamwork and collaboration between departments.  The leader doesn’t necessarily come up or design the new product; they just create the proper system and environment to allow for this to happen.  A good functioning team equally all commits to the inputs and share the reward and hardships of the differing outputs; this is that since of team.

In teams there is also a high importance for teams to gain each other’s trust and the trust of the leader.  The leader will allow their team to work together by taking action to give them the opportunities for teamwork.  They set up team meetings and encourage a team working environment.  A good leader knows that, “Nobody knows everything. Any you can’t do it all by yourself.”

A leader needs to realize that all they are is a facilitator.  If they realize this then they can use it to their advantage.  A leader should allow and encourage the team to work through things with the team and the leader should put trust in the team and back them with their decisions.  This will lead to more productive teams and teams that are willing to take on projects and to take some risks.  These risks will eventually lead to the teams succeeding in the project that they are assigned.  On leader, in the article, realized that he needed to isolate his team from the bureaucratic B.S. so that it doesn’t distract his team from reaching their goals.    All in all leaders need to be focused on the team and focused on helping the team as opposed to ordering the team around and forcing his or her ideas on the team.  They should alter their behavior and learn to create an environment for the team in order to succeed.

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