In-depth: Iraq

There isn’t much to say about this article except for the fact that “evidence” needs to be better tested or looked at before it is called evidence.  When talking about politics, in my opinion there is never any hard evidence that we, as outsiders, can truly use as fact.  The fact is that we never get to see the entire picture; hence we do not ever know the whole story behind some of the decisions that are made.  That is why we elect the officials that we put in office to make these decisions for us.  Also hindsight is always 20-20 and that is how the media and all critics always base their criticism on.  After reading this article the only conclusion that I can come to is that the only thing that should be done in making decisions is that the SYSTEM to which decisions needs to be changed.  This will never solve all the problems but it will help in the process to making the proper decisions.

To view article visit: and click on Extra Reading:  Senate Select Committee on Intelligence


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