How a Marine Lost His Command in Race to Baghdad

So if I am understanding this article right, Col. Joe D. Dowdy basically got fired from his position in the military for choosing his men’s welfare over the mission.  This is a very debated argument when it comes to how the military personnel are suppose to handle themselves in battle.  In my opinion I see no shame in how he handled himself.  On the other hand in the military you are supposed to keep your emotions out of the battle and just follow orders.  This is a very idea way of how things are suppose to go.  I mean if I had a bullet flying by my head I cannot say how I would react or whose rules I would follow.  The article talks about different war strategies and whether it was the right one or not.  This is another one of those things where heinseight is always 20/20.  It is my opinion that no matter what action is taken there is always a better one that could have been taken.  This is called human nature.  We make decisions based on how we have been trained and based on how we feel towards that situation.  All we, as humans, can try to do is base our decisions on what makes the most logical since in our own head.  This is what Dowdy did and it just so happens that he lost his command over it.  All said and done, I’m sure, in his head he made the proper decisions and he can live with what he did.  This is how people should handle situations, make a decision and live with it and don’t regret anything.

To view article visit: and click on Wall Street Journal Article: Col. Dowdy


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