New Wine, Old Bottles

This concept, of putting new wine in old bottles, applies directly to senior management in companies.  The new ideas of leadership and style cannot be forced on the old executives.  If it is all the executives do is pretend to be doing the new system and it actually disguises their old ways.  There is better ways to transform these executives.  They are, as the article shows:
•    First build a new relationship
•    Setting up win-win performance agreements
•    Being a source of help
The new relationship that needs to be formed needs to be formed on the grounds of equality.  This means that just because one person is the boss doesn’t mean that they should overrule the people under them.  They should put themselves on the same level as the employee and listen to them and work with them.

The next step is setting up an agreement between the parties.  They need to agree on the purpose and make specifics about what they want accomplished.  They need to set guidelines and what resources they can and will use.  And finally there needs to be consequences for both parties if they don’t do their part of the bargain.  Along with all this the managers need to be a source for their customers and actually make themselves available.  The main idea of all this is to get management and higher-ups to get this idea of “servant leadership.”  The idea that the leader of the organization is there for the company and to serve the company as oppose to himself.  In companies that run like this the results will speak for themselves.
To view article visit: and click on Steven Covey on Servant Leadership


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