The Treadway Tire Company

They clearly have a high turnover problem.  And they also have a problem staring them right in the face with skyrocketing costs.  The question is what to do with all these problems.  Another problem that I see is that Wall is trying to solve all of these problems on her own.  It is never healthy to try to take all this on by herself especially when she has staff under her to help her make decisions.  She has great ideas of cutting employee costs by her hourly scheduling that does help improve the cost issue, but does it actually help her high turnover rate?  She does try to address this problem though.  She believes that by hiring more college graduates this will produce a better quality employee and the turnover will decrease.  She still has created a problem with her high hours in that the moral of the employees wasn’t too high.  They call in sick more and request more time off.  There is a clear tension between the foremen and the workers.  The foremen don’t think the work they are doing is helping.  Maybe all they need is some sort of compensation plan to help motivate them more.  If the foremen are happy it will trickle all the way down to all the employees and this in turn will help the company in all aspects.    It seems to me that they have a solid hiring process.  They are definitely lacking in the training area.  They do not take the proper amount of time in training their employees which is directly affecting the plant.  The new employees are put into it without the proper knowledge of what they are supposed to be doing.  There needs to definitely be a way better training session.  All in all Wall needs to take some of this data a put some new ideas into action and the company has the potential, like she says, to be the best plant.


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