Open-Comp, End of Season, and Looking Forward

Hey everyone, sorry for the long break, but the season is over and i am a little sad but I am looking forward to a new, up and coming season 🙂  The last race was the open-comp and I did very well for my first 200 lap race.  It was very interesting to say the least.  There was a great turnout for the race, I don’t know the exact numbers but I think there were 34 in the Super Late Model class.  They only were allowing 26 to start the main event for the $7,777 cash purse.  The competition was very stiff and people from all over the country, even Canada, showed up to claim the prize.  This was a new setup for us because instead of running the treaded tire, like all season, the class ran slicks.  This was a great experience for me and we adapted very quickly and well.

I qualified 18th which I was ok with but when I looked at the times and realized that I was less than 2 tenths off of first 18th wasn’t so bad 🙂 Friday night the heat races rolled by and as mine approached I was more and more excited.  I finished my heat race without incident in 2nd place locking myself into the main event for Saturday.  Friday night draws to a close as we nut and bolt the car for the big show on Saturday.  Saturday finally comes and the entire day it is one big anticipation for the big event!  I find out that I am starting in 18th position for the 200 lap event.  The race is finally here 🙂  We roll onto the track, do the parade and line up stuff for the crowd and the green flag drops.  My dad comes over the headset and tells me to come in!! My rear end is leaking fluid all over and they don’t want me to get black flagged.  I come racing into the pits and we decide to just not run the rear-end cooler to slow down the leak and on lap 100 we will get a closer look and see if we can fix it. (on lap 100 we get a ten minute pit-stop to change tires and fill gas)  I race back on the track but I am already three laps down 😦 The race goes on and I dodge some major pileups and in the end we end up scrapping together a 10th place finish 🙂  I am way excited and couldn’t be happier, considering the circumstances, about our finish.

The season draws to a close and I ended up finishing 11th overall in points.  This isn’t so bad considering I only could participate in half of the races due to budget constraints and some mid season motor failures.  The best part of the entire season, besides the fact that we learned a ton and enjoyed every minute of it, was that I received rookie of the year!!

It is winter time now and we are already chomping at the bit about next season.  The car is being tore to the ground to be properly rebuilt for next season.  Right now I am looking hard for sponsors for next season and looking at all of our options for what series and cars to run for next year.

Most importantly I would like to thank my sponsors from this year because without them none of this would have happened!!

Stay tuned as next year approaches with new and exciting adventures.


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